Kanye’s Royalty Deal With Adidas For Yeezy’s Revealed

Kanye West earns 5% royalties on his Yeezy collaboration with adidas.

That came to $65 million last year and should be about that again in 2019, as Yeezys are expected to do $1.3 billion in sales.


This information was revealed in a New York Times expose about diversity at adidas.

Black employees represent 4.5 percent of the workforce at the company’s headquarters in Portland. Some of these black workers feel “marginalized and sometimes discriminated against” and note the irony of adidas partnering with black athletes and entertainers like Kanye, Pharrell, and Beyonce.

 Last year, only three of adidas’ 340 vice presidents were black.

Back to Kanye’s deal: Do you think it’s a good one?

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