Watch Kanye West & T.I. Discuss The Making of “Ye Vs The People”

Kanye West has continued his unorthodox album rollout, this time releasing the discussion he had with T.I. before making “Ye Vs The People.” During the four minute clip, West discusses his thinking behind wearing Donald Trump’s “MAGA” hat, saying that him wearing the hat “forces an evolution because, even for me, I know so much more in the past 3 days because I’m getting this energy, positive or negative, agreeing with me or disagreeing with me and that sharpens the diamond of our mind and our consciousness.”

West also says that him wearing the hat is a “like a fight for equality, like ‘oh, I can wear that hat too.’” Later on T.I. asks Kanye about which parts of Trump he agrees with, to which West responds that the “ability to do what no one said you can do, to do the impossible. It’s the most inspiring thing to me.”

West then goes to play T.I. a clip of “Ye vs the People,” directing how he wanted the song to sound and how he wanted it to replicate the discussion they were having. Watch the clip above to see the conversation for yourself.

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