Why this loss is the Beginning of the Dawgs Dynasty

Last night was tough for a UGA fan but the anguish shouldn’t last long. We good. Both literally and figuratively. First of all we are way ahead of schedule as far as being in this position. Kirby is only in his second year and he has yet to totally fill the roster with his type of players. He did it with What was left of the Richt regime, which was plenty talented, but he has certain players that fit his style and scheme and he is surely getting those players in.

We have young Talent. We aren’t losing our whole squad to the league or graduation. D’ Andre Swift who you saw on the field a lot this year is a freshman. And we have Evander Holyfield’s son to back him up as well as other top tier Running Backs. And as all the fams saw last night we have a Ridley of our own who will grow into that GUY!  But look what we are bringing in to level up even more.

Zahir White who is a five star running back who is the best in the country at the position coming out of High school and the number 7th ranked player overall. And we also have the 3rd ranked running back who is also a 5 star recruit coming in Next year.

We have the Number one High school Quarterback also coming in as a Freshman. Justin Fields is a Five star QB from Kennesaw GA 6’3 220lb. He is the #1 dual threat QB in the nation. Alabama brought out their freshman who was the #1 dual threat QB for the ’17 class, so we’ll have a weapon of that nature as well.

We have the best High school Offensive lineman in the country coming in by the name of Jamaree Salyer at 6-4 305 to help build a great O Line with Cade Mays a five star OL from Knoxville. Trey Hill a 4 Star OL from Warner Robins and Owen Condon  and Warren Ericson on 6’7 and the other 6’4 add to a wall of an Offensive Line.

And  with that said we have 3 of the top 9 players coming out of high school. Other notable players coming in are a 6’6 Defensive End from Rome GA named Adam Anderson Who is #13 overall in the country and #2 as far as the DE positions

  So with that said we are at the beginning of a Dynasty. It takes the pain of losing one of these to drive a team crazy to get back there. That was the “Chip” on Alabama’s shoulders that drove them to their result this year. Well now we have that Chip. And we’ll see yall next year. Go Dawgs!


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