Huncho celebrates with the Dawgs

Georgia is having one hell of a year. And now they have the opportunity to win the National Championship. The game was lit with Oklahoma jumping out to a big lead but the Dawgs didn’t sweat and grinded the game to a win in Double OT. Special guest were on the field to celebrate with the Squad including Quavo and Crew.


Mayfield Played great but he was a bit too celebratory during the game and the Georgia players took notice.

Bulldogs linebacker Davin Bellamy repeatedly yelled, “Humble yourself!” at Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield as the Heisman Trophy winner was congratulating Georgia players.

“All I’m saying is humble yourself,” Bellamy told ESPN after Georgia’s 54-48 victory in double overtime in the Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual. “All the flamboyancy … I carry myself the same way, but humble yourself, man.

“Our wide receivers came back and told us that they were running their routes before we went out there and he was on their line. Just humble yourself, man, just humble yourself. You’re not built like that.”

Either way Go Dawgs!!! who will be playing basically at Home next Monday

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