Stream Dave East “Paranoia”

We still are waiting on Dave’s first Album to come out. There is no mention of it , no name, no teasers. But he has given his fans something to get them over until that point where he decides to drop it.

Dave told Billboard he wanted to tell more stories with his music, but didn’t feel like it was the right time to do so.

“There were a lot of stories that I didn’t really touch on, like super-detailed and specific moments that I haven’t really spoke about on records. That’s more than anything that and I still want to run around a little more,” he explained. “[…] There’s a lot of things that I still want to do before I say, ‘Alright. Here’s my album.’ I want [Paranoia] to be everywhere. I feel like right now I’m moving at a good pace, but they need Paranoia first. It’s not album time. Mentally, I’m there. Musically, I’m there, but just as far as where I’m right now, I don’t think it’s album time yet. A lot of people tell me it is, but I rather give them this, see what this do and come right back.”

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