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Many suspected that JAY-Z took shots at Future in his 4:44 intro track “Kill Jay Z.” The lyrics is as follows: “In the future, other n*ggas playin’ football with your son/You had lost it, 13 bottles of Ace of Spade what it did to Boston.” Listeners believe that the line was directed at Future and his family, referencing Ciara’s current relationship with Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson.

Shortly after the album dropped, the “Mask Off” rapper shared a selfie on Snapchat that many think is a response to Jigga. The photo finds the Atlanta rapper holding up a money phone with the caption, “U ain’t got the juice like dat. MOOD.” Money phones are also spoken about in the 4:44 track “The Story of O.J.” JAY called out rappers who held stacks of dollar bills to their ear: “Y’all on the ‘gram holdin’ money to your ear / There’s a disconnect, we don’t call that money over here.”

Check out the photo below.



Now the folks on Twitter are weighing in on whether Future questioning JAY’s juice is a good idea. See some of their responses.

Jay: “I’ve got to make things right at home so no one is playing football with my kids…”
Future: “what you say about money to ears?!”

Jay Z said nothing but facts on his album and Future responded with a selfie on Snapchat like a bitter ex-girlfriend. Lol

It’s Twitter fault an artist like Future has the courage to talk shit to Jay…

Never forget that Jay Z could end Future like he ended T-Pain career. Stay woke

Future talkin shit to Jay while holding up money… That’s how you know he’s slow…that’s probably less than Blue Ivy’s allowance.

This Jay-Z Boosie Future money to ear thing is a Boondocks episode

nayvadius googling “she sang goodies” to answer his tidal password recovery question before listening to 4:44

Future posting pics with stacks of money but 30% of it belongs to Rocko and his son is still asking Russell about the girl in Pre-K…

Twitter Ads info and privacy

Future, who still owes Rocko money, just told a billionaire that he doesn’t have the juice. Drugs are bad kids.

Future taking the pic with money to his ear isn’t a shot at Jay, it’s Future just confirming Jays point that he’s an idiot.

Where’s the FutureHive at?

Well, there’s this guy. (He’s not the real one.)

I’m actually putting Future above Jay Z in my top 10

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