Camron addresses why Jim wasn’t at the Drake Concert

In an apparent attempt to outdo Summer Jam, Drake had a whole bunch of rappers on stage with him during his four night stay at Madison Square Garden.

On the last night of his run, Drizzy brought out Diplomats Cam’ron and Juelz Santana.  But the lack of Jim Jones led many to speculate on continued Dipset drama between Cam and Jim.

Killa Cam jumped on Thisis50’s radio show and clarified that he had nothing to do with the Jones snub.

“Juelz called me and told me that Drake called him and wanted us to come out,” Cam explained. “I seen that on the Gram too. People going, ‘Why y’all ain’t bring Jim up?’ It’s not my show. I don’t conduct the show. It’s not Cam presents Drake. Juelz called me and he said, ‘Drake wants you to come out to the show tonight.’ And it was that simple.”

He also spoke on his still rocky relationship with Jones.

“I know Jim’s moms and kids, his son rather, and his sisters,” Cam said. “As hard as I would go against somebody else, I wouldn’t go hard on Jim like that. That’s still my man regardless of what people see in the public or media or whatever.”


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