Drama Explains the Meek and Drake Drama


There have long standing rumors that Drama Leaked the reference tracks which were central to the Meek Mill-Drake beef last summer.

Drama of course has adamantly denied all of it.

But he did have a role in the blow up. This morning, in an interview with the Hot 97 crew, Drama finally explained his contribution to the most notorious rap feud in recent history.

“My involvement in the situation was that fact my man [Meek] thought he was getting dissed with the [Drake’s ‘R.I.C.O’] line ‘the girl of your dreams to me is probably not a challenge,” Drama said.

To make Meek feel better, Drama explained that Drake technically didn’t diss him because he didn’t actually write that line.

While that revelation may have led Meek and his team to Quentin Miller and the reference track,  Drama is adamant he didn’t leak any tape to anybody

“It goes against my business, and it goes against my ethics,” he explained.





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