Smart Shoe

Smartphones, smart cars, now “smartshoes.” The recent CES show saw the unveiling of new technology and electronics alike, but one new innovation from Digitsole could potentially be a hit in the footwear industry. Dubbed the “world’s first intelligent footwear,” Digitsole’s “Smartshoe” contains a variety of built-in sensors and is connected to a smartphone app that can control temperature control (with the ability to go up to 110°F) and keep track of various health factors such as amount of steps walked as well as calories. Taking cues from Nike’s legendary self-lacing MAGs, the shoe can also adjust tightness of fit, without laces. Pictured above are also the Harrison Warm sneakers in red and the Warm Pumps for women, which includes a Bluetooth pump and built-in heating system.
The new Smartshoe will be dropping sometime September 2016 at a retail price of $450 USD. Would you buy a pair of these shoes?

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