Despite promises to the contrary, most hoverboards that have popped up over the past year or so have been pretty awful. Arguably the best of the bunch has been the Lexus SLIDE and that wasn’t even a “real” hoverboard — because of its use of magnetization, riding the SLIDE was confined solely to a specially designed course. However, Arca Space Corporation is looking to change all that with the ArcaBoard.
Available to pre-order now, the ArcaBoard uses a “brute force approach” to actually hover. Employing 36 fans, the design generates 272 horsepower and 430 pounds of thrust, ultimately lifting riders about a foot above the ground beneath. All of that power comes at a price, though: riders can expect about six minutes of ride time, though a $4,500 USD dock accessory can fully charge the board in about 35 minutes.
The ArcaBoard is expected to ship next April and is available now for $19,900 USD.

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