Lexus Officially Unveils its “SLIDE” Hoverboard

Following a bevy of teasers, Lexus has officially unveiled its hoverboard. Dubbed SLIDE, the project sees the Japanese automotive manufacturer exploring a new form of motion as masters of design, technology and skateboarding re-imagined their craft and combined their expertise. Crafted around an insulated core, the SLIDE employs high temperature superconducting blocks in cryostats — reservoirs of liquid nitrogen that cool the superconductors to -197°C. By placing the board over a track of permanent magnets, the design team is then able to make the board hover by cooling it to its operating temperature as the track’s magnetic flux lines are “pinned” into place. As far as aesthetics go, the board takes cues from the prototypical skate deck as well as Lexus’ own design principles, thus perfecting a balance of the natural and high-tech as a bamboo top is paired with an ultra-lightweight casing and carbon fiber finish.

You can see the board in action below while Lexus also details the design process that went into realizing the SLIDE.

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