According to reports, Young Thug & Birdman were named in indictment in the shooting of Lil Wayne’s tour bus.

Atlanta reporter Mike Petchenik, of WSBTV news station, just made some major allegations Wednesday night that will definitely shake up the on-going beef between BirdMan,Young Thug and Lil Wayne. According to Petchenik, Young Thug and Birdman were named in an indictment that alleges the two’s involvement in a conspiracy to kill Lil Wayne back in April. If you remember,Ll Waynes Tour Bus was shot  at multiple times while leaving a show near Atlanta in Cobb County, Georgia.

Mike Petchenik reports that both Thugger and Birdman had conspired with suspect Jimmy Winfrey in a plot to take down Lil Wayne. Winfrey, who was “carrying out” Thug’s order, was eventually arrested in connection with the shooting in May

Petchenik does however clarify that neither Young Thug or Birdman were charged in the indictment, but just working with Winfrey. He even says prosecutors are trying to use Thug’s recent “Halftime”video as evidence in the indictment, claiming that the video shows Winfrey holding an assault rifle and having lyrics mentioning Lil Wayne’s name.

The indictment was reportedly filed back in June.

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