Birdman May Sue Tyga For Tanking ‘The Gold Album’

Tyga’s The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty Only moved 2200 copies

Tyga’s The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty only moved 2200 copies in its forst week

T-Raww claims it was because he encouraged his fans to listen to it on free streaming services like Spotify.

While we dismissed that as an excuse one makes When he is inn news everyday but his album still goes wood, Tyga’s label boss Birdman thinks there is something to it.

According to TMZ Baby believes that Tyga pulled this “childish stunt” to get out of his Cash Money/Young Money deal and then sign with Lil Wayne,Wherever he lands

For this reason, Birdman isn’t going to count The Gold Album against Tyga’s contract, meaning he still owes Baby another LP.

TMZ also says Birdman is prepared to go to court if Tyga tries to sign elsewhere.

Perhaps it was this alleged collusion between Tyga and Lil Wayne that had Baby acting like that toward Weezy

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