Louis Vutton 2015 lookbook

Luxury fashion house Louis Vutton has released its 2015 pre-fall lookbook. The subtle color palette utilizes a variety of textures and fabrics for classic, seasonally appropriate looks. Boxy suit options have been matched with solid sweaters, and layered over scarves — a styling motif seen throughout the range. Centered around an assortment of outerwear options, pieces include a quilted, khaki-colored bomber jacket, complemented by a navy suede zipper jacket, a blue hooded coat, and a brown leather aviator coat with sheer lining, among others. Trousers made from traditional and modern materials provide bold accents elsewhere, while a comprehensive accessories range — consisting of leather tote bags, gloves, pattered umbrella, sunglasses, and a leather gym bag — finishes off each look

louis-vuitton-01-pre-fall-lookbook-1-01 - Copy louis-vuitton-02-pre-fall-lookbook-1-02 louis-vuitton-03-pre-fall-lookbook-1-03 louis-vuitton-04-pre-fall-lookbook-1-04 louis-vuitton-05-pre-fall-lookbook-1-05 - Copy louis-vuitton-06-pre-fall-lookbook-1-06 - Copy louis-vuitton-07-pre-fall-lookbook-1-07 - Copy louis-vuitton-08-pre-fall-lookbook-1-08 - Copy louis-vuitton-10-pre-fall-lookbook-1-10 - Copy louis-vuitton-11-pre-fall-lookbook-1-11 louis-vuitton-12-pre-fall-lookbook-1-12 louis-vuitton-13-pre-fall-lookbook-1-13 louis-vuitton-14-pre-fall-lookbook-1-14 louis-vuitton-15-pre-fall-lookbook-1-15 louis-vuitton-16-pre-fall-lookbook-1-16 louis-vuitton-09-pre-fall-lookbook-1-09 - Copy

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