Diadora N9000 OG “Espresso Ristretto”

Thanks to stores like Patta and Hanon, Diadora has seen a resurgence this year, especially with the N9000 model.The original colorway is now being retroed. Staying true to its roots, the “Espresso Ristretto” is completely made in Italy.The original construction and materials are used throughout, including the two different shock-absorbing materials (EVA and polyurethane foam) in the midsole. The N9000 OG is set to release July 12th at a select few stores like 24 Kilates, Packer, Kith, Hanon, Patta, Bait, Concepts, and Highs and Lows to name a few. Let us know how you feel about this recent N9000 installment and whether or not you plan on picking them up. Oh and goodluck landing these, rumor has it that they are limited to only 255 units worldwide!! Happy hunting 

Mr. Carter



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