Buscemi introduced their premium high-cut sneakers, 100mm and 125mm not long ago, creating a unique pair that resonated to footwear connoisseurs. Founder and designer, Jon Buscemi, now unveiled the second chapter in the young brand by proposing this low-cut model, 50mm. Keeping its trademark design language, these sneakers are also hand crafted in Italy, utilizing quality Italian calf leather on the uppers. On this shoe, a diagonal zipper on the exterior side of the kicks acts as a visual accent. Three colorways are on offer, comprised of Electric Blue, White, and Black. Click onto their online shop to grab these products.


Buscemi-50mm-01-570x474 Buscemi-50mm-02-570x474 Buscemi-50mm-03-570x474 Buscemi-50mm-04-570x474 Buscemi-50mm-05-570x474 Buscemi-50mm-06-570x474 Buscemi-50mm-07-570x474 Buscemi-50mm-08-570x474 Buscemi-50mm-09-570x474 Buscemi-50mm-10-570x474 Buscemi-50mm-11 Buscemi-50mm-12-570x474 Buscemi-50mm-13-570x474 Buscemi-50mm-14-570x474 Buscemi-50mm-15-570x474

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